I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Foundation for RODAKA for helping Poles from the east, especially Kazakhstan. For opening a kindergarten in Kazakhstan, where children can learn Polish and Polish culture. For sending books to my compatriot and for Christmas cards sent to Poles living outside Poland. I would also like to thank you very much for supporting students from the East in Poland. For organizing a picnic, holidays, Christmas, Ball and weekends for my compatriot, for interesting workshops during which we learned a lot of useful things. For the lessons on the history of the Deportation of Poles to Siberia for children and youth from all over Poland. I would also like to thank the president of the Foundation for a Compatriot, Joanna Wilk-Yaridiz, for devoting almost all of her life to the foundation. Thank you for organizing the scholarship program and for all the events and activities in the Foundation for RODAKA

Yours faithfully
Vitaliy Korzhenevskiy

My name is Valeriya Shimkova. I come from the northern part Kazakhstan. I am a 3rd year student of Economics. Since 2018, I have been a member of the Foundation for My Rodak.
For me, the Foundation for My Compatriot means, above all, open-minded and ready to help people. It was the first time that I met some of the volunteers and Ms. President at the weekend for my fellow countryman, and since then I believe that I decided to go on one of the best trips. Thanks to the Foundation I have a lot of friends from different countries with whom the most we meet at organized weekend trips for young people.
The foundation was established recently, but it has already had a lot of action behind it and still
new ideas for action arise. Like small stocks, for example a book for a countryman or a card for a countryman, also large – a scholarship for a countryman or a vacation for a countryman.
Having Polish ancestry, I had to deal with various kinds questions, including – “But why was I born in Kazakhstan?” .
In my opinion, it is better to find an answer to this question in Lessons for my compatriot, which I also had the pleasure of many times run thanks to the Foundation.
I am very glad to be part of the family that I am we found on our native land.

Dear Joanna,

it was only thanks to your actions that I managed to raise the English language to the level necessary for continuing my studies at the Jagiellonian University.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who was involved in granting the Scholarships for my compatriot. Few people would have acted like you.

Thank you once again for your great sensitivity and openness to the needs of Poles from Kazakhstan.
The help offered is a proof of human kindness, compassion and solidarity.
I feel obliged to help Poles and the Foundation for My Compatriot.

I wish you perseverance, enthusiasm and energy for further work, yes
much needed by our compatriots. May the following years abound in
implementation of new goals and interesting projects.

Best wishes
Guzowska Margarita

Every time I hear that another project is being organized for my fellow countryman, I feel very happy. Why?

Each edition of the Holidays for a Compatriot, each Card for a Compatriot and many other projects make people aware that many Poles know the history of Poland and remember about theirs from the East, that some of their brothers and sisters, grandparents and grandmothers were sent to areas absolutely unknown to them, thrown out from their homeland that they live there now.

I am also grateful that the number of my friends, acquaintances and colleagues has grown considerably. And it was possible thanks to Weekends for a Countryman, October, May weekend … I always say that thanks to the Foundation we now have friends from every city in Poland.

I am very grateful for all efforts, for all kinds of help, separately for the Scholarship from the Orlen-Dar Serca Foundation, it is a great and significant support for us. I am also grateful for the fact that our Foundation continues to develop, that new interesting projects and programs are appearing to increase the knowledge of the history of Poles from the East among Poles.

Each new Lesson for a Compatriot conducted by our students, in my case every bike sold with a Foundation for a Compatriot sticker brings us one step closer to this, everyone knew that there are people somewhere abroad who want to return to their homeland, who they need moral or material help to get things done, especially nowadays. I am very grateful that thanks to the Foundation for My Countryman I can see this help and I am also trying to help my compatriots from the East.

Sergiusz Klimuszyn

Dear Foundation for my compatriot

We, Ecaterina Dudoglo and Oleksia Krusir, thank you very much for being members of the Foundation. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the Foundation’s contribution to help in the department for the repatriation of Poles from Kazakhstan and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Thanks to your activities, the goal of the Foundation aroused great interest among young people who were best informed about the history of the country and the Polish population. The Foundation for Rodak created comfortable conditions for the participants of the Foundation by organizing financial and psychological help for people returning from Kazakhstan to Poland. Thank you for your high professionalism, hard work and purposefulness. Thank you for the nice atmosphere in October and September. Thanks to the Foundation, I met many different people with whom we share one goal. We count on further cooperation and mutual understanding. Your care for the fate of people, wisdom, professionalism and patience deserve deep respect and admiration! We wish you professional success and dynamic development.


Ecaterina Dudoglo

Ladies and Gentlemen

In such a difficult time of the pandemic for us, I would like to wholeheartedly thank the President and the Board of the Foundation for a Rodak as well as other collaborators for the help and support of scholarship holders and for their committed activities aimed at maintaining ties with the Polish diaspora from around the world. The activities of the Foundation brought a lot of joy to our scholarship holders and compatriots. Your help is unique to us, I am glad that I have the opportunity to participate in such gestures that testify to a great and open heart.

Sincerely, Ruslan Verbitskiy

My name is Yelena Mak. I am from Kazakhstan. I’m 20 years old. I study
management in the third year at the University of Economics in Wrocław. For 3 years I have been a scholarship holder and a member of the Foundation For My Compatriot. People who dedicate their time and work for the Foundation are great.
The first time I met with Mrs. President-Joanna Wilk-Yaridiz on
first vacation for my fellow countryman in 2017. They have been the best
memories: many interesting lessons in Polish and history
Polish, theater workshops, tours and the most important – we found
new friends from Olsztyn and all over Poland. Now that I am
a student, Ms. Joanna organizes weekends for students from
Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova (usually in October and
at the beginning of May, when every student has free time from studying).
I am glad that we can do it in a place like Nowe Kawkowo
everyone meet and have a good time together.
For two years, the Foundation for Rodak has been cooperating with the Orlen Foundation
The gift of the heart. Thanks to these people who have a big heart, I receive
a scholarship that allows me to develop in various directions and
to live in studies in Poland. Mrs. Joanna had a great one
idea for the action – “Lesson for a Compatriot”. With this lesson, I can
tell my story, explain how my family is
found in Kazakhstan.
I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who made us
support. And especially, Mrs. President-Joanna Wilk-Yaridiz, who
she founded this Foundation and she gives everything she can for us.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Foundation for the Countryman for the enormous amount of work and support for my compatriots from the east.
I have been a member of the Foundation for 2 years, my name is Andrzej Iliński, I am a graduate student at the University of Silesia. Participation in the foundation gives me positive emotions thanks to the meetings organized by the Foundation. Every help I have received from the Foundation is great
important. Thanks to material support, I can develop even more and achieve my goals. As a thank you for your support, I can gladly participate in various actions organized by the Foundation to help and support others. I really like the May and October meetings of students from different countries who study in Poland. I am glad to be a member of the Foundation for My Compatriot.

Good day. My name is Eugeniusz Komerist. I have been living in Poland for three years. I am a participant of the Foundation for a Compatriot from the first day of my arrival in Poland.
Thanks to the Foundation for my Compatriot, I learned to speak Polish,
I felt in my family home, being far from my family. The Foundation showed me that this country is my right place. I want to live, work and stay here forever.
I would like to thank the Foundation for My Countryman for friendship, family love, invitations to holidays, everyday care for my life and health. For both moral and material help.
Many thanks to the Foundation for My Compatriot for their financial help during the year
preparatory and graduate studies.
The financial support of the Foundation for My Countryman helped me buy materials for my studies, thanks to which I could properly educate myself, which I could not afford, visit Poland and even help my family in Kazakhstan. Thanks to the scholarship, I saw how beautiful the country of my ancestors was, the country from which they had taken them away, taking their home and homeland.
I cannot describe in words my gratitude to the Foundation for My Compatriot for everything she has done in my life, for help, for finding my friends and another family that I am not going to leave.

Eugeniusz Komerist

My name is Kristina Mak, I’m 22 years old. I come from Kazakhstan, I have been in the Foundation for My Compatriot since 2017. I was a scholarship holder for 2 years and I took an active part in the life of the Foundation. The Foundation gave me not only material but also mental support. Thanks to the Foundation for the Countryman, I have the opportunity to meet my friends from Kazakhstan and meet new people from other countries on weekends for
Countryman. When I conduct Lessons for a Countryman in schools initiated by the Foundation, I feel jointly responsible for educating children on the subject of deportation of Poles to Kazakhstan. Thanks to this action, I can share with the younger generation the story of my family that was sent to Kazakhstan and tell them why I am Polish, despite the fact that I was born in Kazakhstan.
Fundacja dla Rodaka is not only an organization, but a Foundation – they are open-hearted people who want to selflessly help Poles from the East who need help. I am very grateful to the Foundation for any help. I am no longer a Foundation scholarship holder, but I am glad that I can still be part of this family – help and support new members of the Foundation. A lot has already been done, but I am sure that this is only the beginning of the Foundation’s activities. Everything depends on us! Come on more!

My name is Yelizaveta Natochina.
I am a 4th year student of medicine at the Medical University of Lublin. For two years, the Foundation supports me in my studies. I am extremely happy. Thanks to the Foundation, I can use modern books and magazines. I am glad that I can count on support in important moments for me. Financial assistance is very important to me. But
I am most happy that we feel at home in Poland.
Thanks to the Foundation, we have many new friends.
Thank you 💚💚💚

My name is Maryna Perakhod. I am from Belarus, I am 19 years old. I am
2nd year student of Psychology at the University of Lodz. I am a member of the Foundation for
My fellow countryman and I am proud of it.
I have recently become a member of this organization and I can already say that
the atmosphere is fascinating, the people around are nice and kind. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Foundation and participate in its life. Fundacja dla Rodaka – an organization that shows that nowadays there are still good people. Thanks to the foundation, I can conduct lessons and talk about the history of Poles on the example of my family. I am grateful to have met a lot of cool people. I have the impression that I have found my second family. To witness the existence of people who have one goal in common is the greatest thing. The very awareness of belonging to this group of love makes me a proud man.
I would also like to thank you for your financial support, for the opportunity to
which allows for personal development. I thank the Foundation for Rodak for
Scholarship for Rodak, financed by the ORLEN Foundation.
I would like to thank the Foundation’s volunteers and all those who are involved in the Foundation’s activities for their help and support.

The Foundation for Rodak is a really very good initiative.
We have a very serious task in the foundation: to inform Poles that Poles are the same and beyond Poland. The Foundation’s scholarship holders organize a lesson for my compatriot to educate children and youth about the painful history of our ancestors who were sent to Kazakhstan, Siberia and the Borderlands. For me, it’s great, because, unfortunately, people do not always understand this and do not want to consider the ancestors of the exiles as Poles. In my opinion, this also has a strong influence on the sense of patriotism and national identity of Polish youth.

Contrary to appearances, we have a lot of fun in the foundation! Our team of scholarship holders has a very nice atmosphere. The foundation gave me many nice pleasant moments and good friends. We meet in October in October and we had a Ball for a Countryman. We have a great time in the company of the foundation’s members. Unfortunately, this year we did not see each other in May and October due to the pandemic, but on our FB page there were many challenges and interesting challenges. So our communication has moved to an online format.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank the foundation for material help, because due to the pandemic I didn’t even have a place to live and this money helped me a lot.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for the fact that I can be sure that there are people in Poland whom I can always turn to for whatever reason. Thanks to this, I feel like a fish in water in Poland, even though I was born in Belarus. I am also very grateful to the foundation for its solidarity in today’s difficult situation. Thanks to this, I understand how closely these countries and nations are similar. After all, almost 300,000 Poles live in Belarus and thanks to the foundation I have once again realized how proud I am of my Polish origin!

Fundacja dla Rodaka is a place where, by mentioning the history of our ancestors and passing it on to others, we create a new common history. I am very happy to be part of such an extremely important Foundation❤

ladies and gentlemen,

me, Tatyana Goiko, and my brother Andrzej Goiko, we would like to see you all
heart to thank you for all your help and support
time you grant us. We have been members of the foundation since 2019.
When we entered this foundation, we only knew that it was based on
caring, sympathetic people who are unable to
go, always ready to help and support. Our expectations
they have outgrown themselves. We felt at home. We met
with a lot of nice people with whom we have contact all the time
time and we can turn to them waiting for help.
Indeed, it is very valuable to us. We especially wish
thank you for your help in such a difficult time of the pandemic. Help with
Your site is unique. Meetings organized by the foundation
are really important to us because they are complemented by a joyful atmosphere,
love and friends. Thank you for your trust and care! Very
we are glad that we have such an opportunity to be members of the Foundation for

We combine our respects,

Tatyana and Andrzej Goiko

Good day.

My name is Taisia ​​Rimari. I am 21 years old, I am studying Chemical Analytics in Łódź. I was born in Moldova, but I have Polish roots. I have been in Poland for the fourth year now. I am one of the charges and volunteers of the Foundation for My Rodak. I disseminate topics that our Foundation deals with.

During the first year of my studies, I met the great people of Fundacja dla Rodak, our volunteers, our president.

At that moment, at the moment when I joined the group of the Foundation, I felt family warmth and care – I found my family and friends here. So many people work for students and in general all people of Polish origin born for various reasons outside Poland.

Thank you for everything. I constantly thank you for the patience, for the Polishness that was conveyed to us with care, for your presence in difficult times.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn the history of Poles, for learning your own family history, for the opportunity to provide this valuable information to children, Polish youth, students in schools, and sometimes in kindergartens, at the University. It also happens that you tell your friends about yourself, about exiles and shipments, about borderlands, even on the street, or about the borderlands.

Thank you for fully understanding the words Rodak, Ojczyzna, Dom, Polska.

Thank you for various attractions during various Weekends for a Compatriot, Majowki for a Compatriot, Holidays for a Compatriot. Thank you for everyone and everyone who participates in the organization of these meetings, for the warmth conveyed during these meetings, for the words of kindness, for songs by the fire, for new acquaintances, for a simple smile, so important and so precious to us. Thank you for the talks and honesty. I hope that we are giving back at least a little, that I can repay at least a little.

Also, I cannot fail to mention the help to the Students for my compatriot who became Scholarship holders for my compatriot. Thank you for the financial help that is necessary for us, for me to be able to develop, to be able to perceive something new, to be able to take on new challenges and fulfill my dreams, to be able to help my parents. This Scholarship for a Rodak from our foundation is financed by the ORLEN Foundation. Many thanks to everyone who was involved in this action and for helping us.

Thank you for everything. I am proud to say that I am part of this great group, part of the Foundation for My Countryman. Young but so powerful! Once again, THANK YOU everyone!

Good day. My name is Marzena Dzemidovich, I’m 20 years old and I am currently studying chemical analytics in Łódź. For three years I have been under the care of the Foundation for a Countryman. A foundation for a compatriot – it’s more than just an organization, it’s a second home, it’s a family. Thanks to the foundation, I have met many wonderful people who have a lot of goodness in them and want to share it with others. Thanks to the foundation, I deepened my knowledge about my family, deportations, and the impossibility of returning to my homeland. I am grateful that now, during the lessons for my fellow countryman, I can share my story with others. Thank you for the opportunity to show people who the compatriot is and that not every person with an accent is a foreigner. I am grateful for the opportunity to support my compatriots who are far from their homeland and those who have returned to it. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in amazing events: picnics for a fellow countryman, September fairs for a fellow countryman, holidays for a fellow countryman, events organized by volunteers. During these events, we can all meet together, spend time in a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere. I also very much appreciate the work of the volunteers. I am very happy that there are still people who want to help others. I am also very grateful for the financial support, thanks to which I can develop in my dream directions and pursue my goals and dreams. It means a lot to me and I cannot think of the foundation other than with great gratitude.

Good morning! My name is Renata Miłaszewska. I am a scholarship holder of the Foundation for My Compatriot. And now I would like to thank you.

Honestly, I can’t write such texts, but I’ll try.

Last year I came to Poland to study. Back then, I had no idea what awaited me. Last year I conducted a lesson in Polish for the first time. I made so many mistakes, not to put into words. But I felt proud that I could pass a piece of history to young people and relive those moments together.

Never in my life have I been to restaurants, balls, especially charity balls. Then I saw how parties must be held.

If I hadn’t found out about the Foundation, I wouldn’t have made friends with new people, I wouldn’t have learned about Kawkowo where we come on weekends, and I wouldn’t have learned the knowledge I have now. And yet I haven’t talked about the various online games and collaborations during the epidemic helping to relive this time remotely. I am happy to be a scholarship holder of the Foundation for My Compatriot. Thank you very much!

With real pleasure, on behalf of the students of the Foundation for Rodak and myself, I would like to thank you for your commitment and support and kind care for us, my fellow countrymen. Thanks to the activities of the Foundation for the Countryman, numerous initiatives have emerged that create new, strong interpersonal ties, so valuable to those who came from their distant homes to Poland. Thank you for being sensitive and for remembering those repatriates who were forced to leave Poland and go to other countries. Thank you for helping to get closer to Polishness and to nurture it to all those who once took it away. This is an extremely important matter!
Mrs. President and all volunteers of the foundation, please accept the wishes of many years filled with achievements and satisfaction with the activities performed. With the utmost respect and appreciation, Student of the Foundation for My Compatriot,
Bożena Rasilewicz

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