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One of the several possibilities of obtaining funds for the implementation of statutory objectives by the foundation is the possibility of receiving support in the form of donations. It can be obtained from both natural and legal persons.

Support the statutory activities of the Foundation for a Compatriot by making a donation to our bank account:

Bank Spółdzielczy w Szczytnie
PL  97 8838 0005 2017 0900 7771 0001

Centrala Szczytno, ul. Łomżyńska 20, 

12-100 Szczytno 

Fundacja dla Rodaka
ul. Jaroszyka 1/7
10-687 Olsztyn

Note: donation for statutory purposes

Additional information:

People who want to support the foundation in its activities can take advantage of the tax deduction:

if you are a natural person (UoPDOF: Art. 26(1)(9)),

if you are a legal person (UoPDOP: Art. 18. paragraph 1(1).

All donations are subject to tax deductions: up to 6% on income.

Remark! The basis for settlement is a bank proof of payment of the donation to the account.

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