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Foundation for a Compatriot - Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can
  • …for Compatriot

    It all started with books, love for reading and the desire to help those who do not have easy access to Polish literature.

    What is Kazakhstan connected? The subject of Poles from Kazakhstan has always been close to me, often raised in conversations in my family home. In 2010, I signed the repatriation bill. However, this was not enough in my opinion. Our compatriots in Kazakhstan are very eager to learn their native language, and the need is all the greater because the language of Polish is almost a foreign language for them. Hence the idea to respond to this demand.

    So I organized a collection of Polish books.

    And it didn’t end there. The response of Poles exceeded all expectations. We managed to gather a huge number of books, literature in Polish with a wide cross-section of topics, styles and genres. This allowed for a significant expansion of the original scope of the action “for the Compatriot”.

    In 2017, as its continuation, the Foundation for a Compatriot was established. The original collection of books was intended to be a response to the needs of Kazakhstan. Thanks to its success, the scope of the Foundation has gained a much wider range. The offer of spreading literature in the mother tongue is addressed to Poles living both in Kazakhstan and in the Borderlands and in Poland itself. Wherever there is a need, the Foundation offers help and support.

    The main goal of the Foundation for a Compatriot is to organize help and prepare conditions for the return of Poles from Kazakhstan to their homeland. The means to this end is the dissemination of knowledge of the Polish language, the popularization of native literature, the work of Poles to help compatriots who remain outside the country.

    Zapraszam do współpracy osoby prywatne oraz instytucje zainteresowane losem Polaków. Zachęcam do aktywnego włączania się w nasze akcje. Jesteśmy otwarci na nowe inicjatywy, pomysły oraz wszelką pomoc.

    Joanna Wilk-Yaridiz

    (Founder of the Foundation for a Compatriot)

    This was the case with our Ball for a Compatriot

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